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Matching clinical need
with technology

Our core philosophy is to put patients at the centre of care. We do this by providing the tools for surgeons to plan each patient’s surgery in 3D.

Our 3D printed instruments are matched to each patient to deliver that plan in surgery, whilst minimising bone resection and preserve soft tissues.

Our mission is simple: to deliver cost effective personalised surgery for everyone.

our work

  • 8
    Hospitals adopting our technology
  • 15
    Surgeons working
    with us
  • 280
    Patients benefiting from our support
King Edward VII's Hospital
The Wellington Hospital
Imperial College Healthcare NHS
The Lister Hospital

case study

Complex multi-planar distal tibial osteotomy

As a result of a distal tibial malunion, an active 44 year old male was left with a multi-planar deformity in his distal tibia. The deformity (shown to the right) included 33 degrees of internal rotation and 9mm of leg length discrepency.

We compared the left leg with the unharmed right leg. To restore the bone to its natural anatomy, a spiral osteotomy was planned on an out-of-plane axis (shown below).


A unique patient-matched instrument (below, left) was designed to create a series of small drill holes. Once drilled, the holes were linked, using an osteotome, to enable a spiral cut which represented the original line of fracture. The bone was rotated back to its natural anatomy. Post-op results (right) at 6 weeks show a stable and well-aligned joint.

the team

Embody is a spin-out company from Imperial College London. We are a team of specialists from a variety of engineering, medical, and design backgrounds.

Prof. Andrew Amis
Mads Brevadt
Dr Susannah Clarke
Prof. Justin Cobb
Dr Soloman Dadia
Patrick de Klee
Dekani Fisher
Camilla Halewood
Dr Simon Harris
Dr Martin Jaere
Dr Jonathan Jeffers
Mr Gareth Jones
Christopher Mathews
Evelyn Thangaraj
Dr Mahmut Tuncer
Robert Wozencroft

You can find us at the MSk Lab, Charing
Cross Hospital. London W6 8RF